A Fork in The Road: My Story of Suicide and Survival by Donna Simmons

After Suicide by John Hewitt

After Suicide Loss: Coping with Your Grief by Bob Baugher/Jack Jordan

After the Death of a Child by Ann K. Finkbeiner

But I Didn’t Say Goodbye by Barbara Rubel

Chasing Death: Losing a Child to Suicide by Jan Anderson

Healing After Suicide of a Loved One by Ann Smolin and John Guinana

Losing a Child by Linda Hurcombe

Night Falls Fast by Kay Redfield Jamison

No Time To Say Goodbye by Carla Fine

Passing Reflections (Poems) by Kristen Spexarth

Suicide Why? by Adina Wrobleski

Suicide Survivors: A Guide for Those Left Behind by Adina Wrobleski

Standing Beside You: A Book for Bereaved Parents by Linda Maurer

Lament for a Son by Nicholas Wolterstorff

Unfinished Conversation by Robert Lesoine/Marilynne Chophel


Child and Adolescent

My Uncle Keith Died by Carol Loehr

Eight Stories Up by Dequincy Lezine/David Brent

Sad Isn’t Bad by Michaelene Mundy



An Empty Chair by Sara Swan Miller/Martin B. Miller

Teen Grief Relief by Dr. Heidi Horsley/Dr. Gloria Horsley